Our Easter Gift to You: A New Song about the Savior

Nathan Richardson

Gentle Healer, by Greg Olsen
Listen to a song my wife wrote about the Atonement

My wife, Jelaire, wrote a song a few years ago about the Atonement. She was able to get it professionally recorded with vocals by her friend, Nicole Sheahan, back when we were dating. In the last few days, despite having a toddler and a baby less than three weeks old (and despite all the obstacles put up by our dingbatty, counterintuitive music program, Finale), Jelaire finished annotating the music. She also created a video for it using some of her favorite paintings, which was her first foray into YouTube (a step I haven’t taken yet).

I got her permission to post links to the audio recording, sheet music, and music video here on LDSphilosopher.com. I’d call it my and Jeff’s Easter gift to all (both?) our readers, but we didn’t really do anything—it’s all her creation, so we can’t take any credit. Well, I might have helped once with the punctuation, which as we all know is a vital part of song lyrics … Anyway, here’s the music video:

To view or download the sheet music or audio file, go to:

Here is just the mp3:

He’s Been There (mp3)
We hope the song helps you think of the Savior and of his sacrifice and resurrection. Happy Easter!


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